Treating ARLD patients using a novel approach

Continued alcohol use is the single largest determinant of the prognosis of ARLD patients, with a 50% mortality rate within 3 years.

There is no effective pharmacological therapy to ensure abstinence or reduction in alcohol use in ARLD patients. The most important element in ensuring that an ARLD patient does not deteriorate involves cutting down or eliminating alcohol use, ultimately leading to total abstinence. Whilst Alcohol Care Teams exist for this very purpose, they are not a scalable solution and, in reality, only a small proportion of harmful drinkers receive interventions from such teams.

AlcoChange® provides an innovative solution to address this problem. At its core, AlcoChange® consists of a smartphone app that communicates with the CyberLiver Platform and connects with an external biomarker that enables accurate readings of breath alcohol levels for self-monitoring,


Modules within the CyberLiver platform conduct continual behaviour diagnostics and motivational interviewing.

Proprietary algorithms select the most appropriate of a range of behaviour change techniques and motivational notifications to employ and use these to deliver effective, scalable and personalised interventions through the app

The AlcoChange® breathalyser is a patented, CE-marked biomarker that utilises a fuel-cell sensor that enable accurate readings of breath alcohol.

The breathalyser connects directly to the smartphone and does not require a battery as it draws power from the smartphone’s audio signal.


AlcoChange® is currently undergoing a Pivotal Randomised Controlled Trial in the UK, funded in part through a grant from the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR). This follows the extremely positive results from a Phase 2-equivalent study that showed a 60+% reduction in alcohol use amongst compliant participants